After 6 years in the military, I thought that I had the experiences and skills I needed to begin a good civilian career. I had a business degree, good references, and (I thought) a strong resume.

I worked a few maritime jobs as a deckhand at first, but I needed to take several thousand dollars worth of classes in order to upgrade to a better job. Because of the economy, entry level white collar jobs were very difficult to find as older people stay longer. In a story that is echoed across America, I applied for hundreds of jobs, getting few responses and no interviews. Blue collar work was available, but the pay was too low my goals.

I had heard about the Bakken Formation and the North Dakota Oil Boom, along with the non-existent unemployment rate and the entry level jobs that paid $80,00o a year. After much thought and prayer, I built a wood camper on the back of my old Ford F150, loaded it with everything I thought I would need, and headed east from Washington’s Olympic Peninsula to Williston, North Dakota.

After a few weeks in town, through hard work and the grace of God, I found a great oilfield job with a casing company.

I began this blog so that I could tell other hard working, down on their luck people in America about the opportunities that await them here.

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  1. Sheri Spitz says:

    Hi Sven! I love your blog. I am working with an award winning film/television production company on a show about life in Williston. I’d love to speak with you about the project. If you are interested, my email is willistonseries@gmail.com. I can give you more details about the production company I work for at that time. Just so you know, we aren’t making a frakking expose. We are hoping to tell the stories of the people who live there. Thanks! I hope to speak with you!

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