A Lull or the End of the Boom?

Workers in the Bakken are getting nervous. Oil prices are free falling, and the lay offs have started. Everyone has a prediction on what will happen, but only time will tell. I will say this: now is not a good time to come to North Dakota to look for work. For the first time in recent memory, the jobs are getting tighter.

There are still plenty of people working and making good money, and no matter what happens there will still be an oilfield here. But drilling is getting scaled back for new wells, so that has hit a lot of companies.

One trend I have noticed in the past year is that it is becoming more difficult for hands with no experience to break into the oilfield. Also, companies are increasingly favor people who are willing to live in town. Many of the allowances for travelling have been eliminated, and companies are more interested in full time workers. Some parts of the oilfield are even moving more towards the 5 day work week.

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3 Responses to A Lull or the End of the Boom?

  1. Hello Sven! Oil prices are rising again, hope everything will be ok!
    How are you doing?) What’s about your mood? I heard US is out of 2008 economic crisis?) Greetings!

    Thanks again for your help in evaluating Bakken’s EROEI! Your help was a starting point for our researches and today we are using the most accurate methodology and learned much more about your oil. We tried to share our results for english-speaking people: http://world-around-us.org/2015/01/us-eroei/ (maybe it will be interesting for you)

  2. Dogleg says:

    Im hearing things may start to be slowly turning around out there for you guys… Just wondering if there was any truth to that or not? For us in the Marcellus/Utica things are getting very lean. Rigs are dropping like flies and tons of good hands are sitting at the house.

    • thesvenster says:

      There’s still people working in the Bakken according to my friends who are still there, but the hours are not good and there is not the opportunity there was. I would steer clear until the prices are back up. Good luck!

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