Of Human Prosperity And The Bakken

“Human prosperity rarely dwells long in one place.” So said Aristotle.

We’re drilling on top of abandoned homesteads, the dreams of last century. How much longer will the Bakken last?

There is plenty of oil in the ground. The oil goes on trains that take it to ships that take it to refineries that send gas and diesel and kerosene and bunker fuel and asphalt and plastic and motor oil and grease to all over the world. And they send us pipes and God knows what else. I’ve seem pipe from Germany, India, South Korea, the USA, and Mexico. Globalization in action. The industrial might of nations converging in the Northern plains.

Already the Bakken and her cousin formations have turned the balance of world power. Iran finds itself in a weaker bargaining position because of the glut of US oil. Globalization in action.

We’ve turned the economy into a strange organism. Could we dismantle this monstrosity even if we wanted to?

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