Bakken Profile #1: PW At Haliburton

Today I begin telling the stories of folks working out in the Bakken. I hope readers can get a sense of the boom phenomenon through these stories. I want to show a complete picture of what is happening out here.

PW is about fifty years old, and works for Haliburton as a directional driller.

Directional driller: uses special computers and instruments to make the curve as the well transitions from vertical to horizontal. He then “steers” the drill bit through the 25 foot thick Bakken formation horizontally for up to 2.5 miles. To learn more about directional drilling, watch this.

PW grew up in Colorado. He does a sedentary job, so he is trying to lose weight by biking and lifting when he isn’t working. As a directional driller, he stays with the rig, living in a trailer for up to a month at a time.

In the early 2000s, he worked as a general manger at a ready mix concrete company in Colorado. He lost his job when the company was sold, so he went back to college for architectural engineering. In ’07, he met somebody from Haliburton and got his first oilfield job as a “measurements while drilling” tool hand.

A measurements while drilling tool is a sensor that goes inside special non-magnetic pipe near the drill bit. It uses radition to sense what type of geological formations it is passing through.

PW teaches kids how to alpine ski in Colorado when he goes home, and he talks about starting a pub when he finishes up with the oilfield. Like a lot of Bakken workers, he doesn’t like the oilfield, but sees it as a great second chance to make the money he needs.

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2 Responses to Bakken Profile #1: PW At Haliburton

  1. Gerard McHale says:

    Just started to read your blog today, Sven, and I read right through all of the postings as I found your stuff extremely well done as well as fascinating. I was introduced to your work via themilliondollarway. Looking forward to more of your work. As a former hand on off shore rigs several decades back, I will extend to you what you already know … stay safe.

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