Sven’s Bakken Blog Is Not Enough

This blog started as a public service. I wanted to extend a helping hand to the millions of Americans suffering from the economic downturn of 2008.

I’ve attempted to make this blog a neutral place politically, and to present an overall positive message to my readers whomever they may be. Also, my family and friends know about this blog, so it has to be fairly non-offensive and non-controversial.

The problem is that I have many philosophical and political opinions that I want to speak about. I have been an anonymous contributor to several (widely read) blogs that discuss subjects that would be taboo in polite company (read: politically correct, spineless boobs).

From now on, this blog will discuss only topics related to North Dakota and the oilfield.

I’m going to begin a few new blogs: One will be outdoors/wildnerness survival oriented, one will be a lighthearted travel/culture spot, and a third will be a much darker and very anonymous political/philosophical/current events/cultural blog.

Stay posted.

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7 Responses to Sven’s Bakken Blog Is Not Enough

  1. Justin says:

    Small world, eh?

    Can’t wait to see the other efforts. 😀

  2. Archer Garrett says:


    I’m Archer by the way.

    Judging by the caliber of the commenters here, you run a mighty fine outfit. The one above me notwithstanding… ; )

    • thesvenster says:

      Well thanks. I’ve met Justin in person and he is an excellent man. I was perusing your books on Amazon… I’m looking at writing a novel myself.

      • Archer Garrett says:

        Agreed on our Arctic friend.

        You should (write a book). When I noticed Stryker was on here too, we got to talkin’… I think I called you a ‘Word Svengali.’ Heh.

        You have a way of making words roll off the keyboard that creates an instant connection with the reader. It helps that you’re writing about something that is exotic to most. That furthers the magic of the story, so to speak. I know enough about drilling so I can understand the mechanics of the setting, so the austere landscape is what draws me in. The following excerpt of yours being an excellent example:

        The driller peeled off his gloves that were soaked in the invert mud, the diesel and calcium and lime combining to smell like cat shit. He lit a cigarette and took a long drag. With the cigarette still dangling from his mouth, he pushed his yellowed hard hat to the back of his head and peered down the bore hole, through the elevated rig floor. Fumes from deep under the earth poured out, and I hoped his cigarette wouldn’t ignite any of the gases.

        He took another drag and looked at me again. “Faith” he said. “Now there’s a word ya don’t hear too often anymore.”

        He turned to swear at a roughneck who let the pressure washer spray get too close. “Sometimes Faith is all that keeps a rig goin’.”

        He took a wrench and tapped the drill pipe, impaled in the earth.As if on command, I heard a rumble as the oil erupted out into the sky from the drill pipe, raining down sticky black tea. “Yes sir. Sometimes a little faith….”

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