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The Bakken Phenomenon of “Bakken Oilfield Fail of the Day”

The Bakken Oilfield, Fail of the Day is a Facebook group that posts a Bakken oilfield related picture of the day. Some are funny, involving dirty Porta-Potties and such, but most are more grim and morbid, involving highway accidents and … Continue reading

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Bakken Profile #1: PW At Haliburton

Today I begin telling the stories of folks working out in the Bakken. I hope readers can get a sense of the boom phenomenon through these stories. I want to show a complete picture of what is happening out here. … Continue reading

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A Quote That Sums Up America

“It seems to be the fate of all nations, that as they grow in wealth so they lose their manly virtues. With wealth comes corruption, indolence, a reluctance to make sacrifices, and a weakening of the feeling of patriotism. Power … Continue reading

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The Culture Of The Bakken Oilfield

I am currently in Missoula, Montana, and I struck up conversation with some people who were curious about the culture off the Bakken Oilfield. I’ve met quite a few people, including reporters and television producers when wanted to understand the … Continue reading

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A Silly But Fun Oilfield Country Rock Song

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Sven’s Bakken Blog Is Not Enough

This blog started as a public service. I wanted to extend a helping hand to the millions of Americans suffering from the economic downturn of 2008. I’ve attempted to make this blog a neutral place politically, and to present an … Continue reading

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Yet Another Abandoned Schoolhouse

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