The Problem with Protestantism

It is no coincidence that Protestantism and Anglo-Saxons go together like butter and toast. Anglo-Saxons have a long history of freedom and individuality, and Protestantism’s in Britain undoubtedly are much more complex than a fat king wanting to divorce his wife(s). There are 5 solas of Protestantism (eerily reminiscent of the five pillars of Islam):

Henry VIII of England, who devised the Statute...

Henry VIII of England, who devised the Statute as a way of alleviating his financial problems. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Faith Alone, Scripture Alone, Christ Alone, Grace Alone, and… I forget the fifth. The sola scripture has always thrown me, especially recently. Handing laymen a book of ancient prophecies and mystical teachings, telling them to read it and come to the same conclusions is preposterous.

When everyone reads the Bible and draws their own conclusions, you reap the fruits that individualism has inflicted on all of the West: a trash culture devoid of cohesion.

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