Forgotten Dreams

Forgotten Dreams

A farmer’s old junkyard near a work over rig today. You could see the abandoned homestead house and windmill up the hill.

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2 Responses to Forgotten Dreams

  1. Brian says:

    Hey, are you still up there? Haven’t seen any recent posts. Anyway, this may sound crazy, but my wife and I are in our early 50s and just retired from our boring federal jobs. We were thinking about joining the boom and maybe starting some kind of little Mom & Pop business around there, maybe something mobile that could travel between drilling sites, that sort of thing. Any ideas? What are some of the things most needed and missed by the guys out there? Thanks.

    • thesvenster says:

      I’m not sure how well a mobile business would work, but there are many businesses that would do well. A health food store? A coffee house? I encourage you to come check it out.

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