Spring Time in North Dakota

IMG_20130404_080144_571The days are getting longer and warmer, bringing plenty of deep mud. I got the tongs truck stuck before we even left the shop today and had to get pulled out by the loader. April may be a slow month for us as there are “frost laws” regulating moving equipment as the ground thaws.

I’m ready for the warmer weather, but no the spring rains.

A little bit about the picture: This is a pretty typical rig out here. You can see the drill pipe stored in the derricks. They drilled the first 11000 feet and we are here to “case” the drill hole with 7 inch pipe. After that, they will reinsert the drill pipe, aand drill horizntally for 11000 feet.

The large yellow object visible in the derricks is the top drive, which pulls pipe from horizontal to vertical and lowers the string of pipe into the drill hole.d

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