Product Review: Muck Steel Toe Chore Boots

I bought a pair of the Steel Toe Chore Muck Boots when I started my oilfield job, and I can highly recommend them for people who live, work, and play in wet, cold climates. They are reasonably priced too. I got mine for $120, which seems like a lot for rubber boots, but these aren’t just any rubber boots.

Muck boots are made of neoprene synthetic rubber. Your feet stay warm even when you are up to your ankles in cold slush, and they have kept me warm right down to 0 F with wool socks. They are very durable, as I spend the my days on steel floors and ladders, with no significant signs of wear yet. They aren’t too slippery, even on smooth steel surfaces covered with mud. I even used these for a short winter hike, fording a few ice cold streams and trudging through snow and mud while my feet stayed nice and toasty. Supposedly they work just as well in the summer to keep your feet cool, but I haven’t tested this yet.

If you decide to get a pair, try to get some that fit almost perfectly, as they loosen up a little with wear. One more note for oilfield workers: Invert mud, the nice diesel dirt slurry we use for drilling will cause the boots to swell a little. I do recommend keeping them away from invert when possible.

I am a little bit of a survivalist, so for what its worth, if I could only bring 1 pair of shoes when I bugged out, these would be the pair.

There is a warmer version called Arctic Pro (Steel Toe) and Arctic Sport (non steel toe), which I might buy for the below zero temperatures next year.

5 stars! Buy if you like warm, dry feet!


(Edit: It was inaccurate to say that these boots aren’t slippery on the rig floor. They are extremely slippery. I just got a pair of Red Wing Pecos boots, and I haven’t slipped once. Don’t use these boots if you regularly work on oily or greasy surfaces.)

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