Blizzards and Clutch Replacement

We had another nice little blizzard the other night, leaving the roads treacherous (I saw more than one Texan in the ditch) and fresh drifts everywhere. I had to climb up about 100 feet in the derricks to retrieve a cable. The wind was howling at about 50 MPH, gusting much higher. My hardhat blew away even though I was wearing a chinstrap. Once I had lowered the cable to the rig floor, I had to be careful climbing down, as my hands were numb. I enjoy those jobs, as it really makes you feel alive.

We had a full 24 hours off, so I finished up putting a new clutch in my 1992 Ford F150. Of course a job like that can never be smooth sailing, and I spent most of the morning trying to get a pilot bearing removed from the motor. Fortunately, I was in the company shop with access to all of the tools, so I used an acetlyne torch to heat it up until it freed up. Everything else went smoothly enough, albeit slowly. The project took 20 hours total, but it is impossible to get into a shop in Williston, ND, and it costs much more than normal if you do manage to get into one. If you come to Williston, bring a vehicle you won’t need to repair, and a working knowledge of auto mechanics.

We are out on another job waiting to run 7 1/2 inch pipe. Fun stuff!

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