Awash in a sea of unrelenting optimism? Do you hate positive thinking? Stoicism can help!

Stoicism is the philosophy I adhere to most strongly. I will discuss it more in future posts, but I firmly believe that it can be reconciled with Christianity, with a few exceptions.  I won’t explain Stoicism in depth, but I will relate to you some quotes and stories that give the essence of Stoicisim.  Marcus Aurelius was a prominent Stoic philosopher and Roman emperor. He used to rise early in the morning and sit on the floor next to his bed. He would not start his day until he had contented himself that if that very day he was dragged from his throne, stripped naked, and tossed in the dung heap at the city gate, he would still be happy.

He is quoted as saying ” Nothing befalls a man except that which he was meant by nature to bear.”

Finally, I present an excellent article on the positive power of negative thinking. Dare to thumb your nose at the optimism police!

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3 Responses to Awash in a sea of unrelenting optimism? Do you hate positive thinking? Stoicism can help!

  1. jhgoodglass says:

    Haha, very nice. Great bit.

  2. Malcolm says:

    I read the article you recommended in the NY Times, The Power of Negative Thinking, by Oliver Burkeman, dated August 4, 2012. GREAT ARTICLE ! Thank you. Coincidentally, I was part of the Optimism Police many many years ago until I got a hold of The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius and some sobering life experiences. : )

    • thesvenster says:

      I don’t complain no matter how bad life gets, but I can’t stand the “be happy, or else” people. Meditations is excellent. I also recommend “The Art of Living” by Epictetus if you haven’t read it.

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