The Bakken Rumor Mill

The rumor mill makes it difficult to know what is happening on the groynd out here in North Dakota.

Rumor 1: The boom is going to last —- years! Some people say 1 year, some people say 50. I saw a t-shirt the other day that said ” Lord, let this boom last a kittle longer and I promise not to piss my money away this time.”

My opinion: The boom is directly tird to the price of oil and thus to the world economy. While there is enough oil to last decades, there is no predicting the demand for oil. If you could do that  you’d be working in a corner officr on Walll Street instead of risking your dumb neck on a rig.

Rumor 2: The boom is moving North/South/East/West/To the planet Jupiter.

My opinion: It is difficult to say. They are expanding exploration in Eastern Montana. Supposedly Sydney,MT will be the next boom town. I can’t say for sure what direction things are going. What I can say is that for the time being Williston ,ND is the epicenter of the boom. If You want work, this is the place to be.

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One Response to The Bakken Rumor Mill

  1. Earl Felds says:

    Regarding the boom….Earlier this week I had the chance to sit on an old well outside of Tioga. While talking to the pumper I discovered it was drilled in ’53. My grandfather owned a mud company ,and he was out here in the same area in ’53. I called him when I decided to come out here,and according to him the same rumors were circulating then. I think it comes down to few things when judging the boom. Will oil consumption decrease(globally), will foreign policy put us in a position to stop exporting oil and use it here, will technology aid recovery techniques, is peak oil real? Much like my grandpa and his father(who drilled) I’m prepared to follow the money

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